The RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job

Are you tired of posting to the black holes on the Internet? You know them – tantalizing job titles and job postings where no one ever answers other than the automated thank you response.

Stand up and take charge of your search!

When you thought that you were simply “going to find a job”, you discover the rules have changed. “RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job” helps people work through the complicated sales process called a “Job Search”.

Prior to printing the book, we submitted galley proofs to professionals around the US to read and comment. Here is what they have to say:

“This is a great quick read, and the format is excellent. I particularly like the end-of-chapter reviews, and frequent references to prior chapter lessons. The appendix of verbs, phrases and questions, along with the end-of-chapter checklists, makes this more than a book – it makes it a great reference tool.”

Jason Whitehair
Vice President, Human Resources
St. Jude Medical, Texas

"This book is loaded with expert advice for job seekers at all levels. An extremely useful and comprehensive tool for those seeking to sharpen their job-search skills, and a very clear instructive guide to the complex process of finding a suitable job."

Chris Dahl
Vice President
Scout Recruiting, Washington

"This book will certainly be a valuable tool for both the seasoned professional and those venturing forth on their first professional endeavors."

David Kowalczyk
Co-Director of Career Services
Assumption College, Massachusetts

"What a great resource for all too many of us these days!  A solid one-stop tool for gaining that great new job!"

Jeff Thredgold
CSP, Economic Futurist, Utah

“Thank you for the opportunity to read Bill's book, RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job.  I found it to be a great read, filled with solid advice that comes from years of experience.  Given the current job market and the various levels of people that are looking for a job, the timing for the book could not be better.

The format is easy to follow and the content is well sequenced for the job hunting process.  Great resource for anyone with a job or currently looking for a job.  Bill has found a way to combine his years of experience with practical, easy to use, advice that will make the process of looking for the right job a lot easier going forward.”

Steve Hannah
Vice President Information Technology
CRST International, Iowa

"This is a superb one-stop reference source for the job seeker in today’s environment. Humbert has compiled everything required in an easy to read, follow and implement format – all with a very conversational approach that makes it seem like he is right there beside the prospect guiding, coaching, and mentoring the whole way."

Tom Grondalski
Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner
The Cadogan Group, New York, NY

“Finding a job in today’s market is a full-time endeavor and one that takes more skill and knowledge than it did in the past. Yet most people don’t know where to begin. Bill Humbert, RecruiterGuy, has dedicated his career to helping companies find people and helping people find jobs at all levels within an organization. In his book, Bill provides a job description, task list and training program for one of the most important “jobs” a person will have – finding a job! The sensible guidance, as well as best (and worst) practices, is a great read for someone looking for a new job as well as those interested in advancing their career.”

Patti Seda
Vice President, Human Resources
Yellowbook, Iowa

"Clearly written, easy to understand, entertaining, and a must read for anyone looking for a job."

Joe Patten
Managing Partner
MainStream Holdings LLC, Iowa

“To any college student who may be thinking about reading this book:  DON’T DO IT!!!  Reading this book is bound to result in a full-time job, and let’s face it, who wants that!!  For those who do choose to read it, I’m sure you will appreciate Bill’s unique “RecruiterGuy” approach to the job search process.  Bill speaks from years of hands-on experience, and he has a wonderful ability to translate his experience into practical knowledge.  If you do choose to read Bill’s book, remember, you have been warned.  You may just end up working full-time."

Tom Castle
Dean of Adult Accelerated Programs, Sam M. Walton Fellow, SIFE
Mount Mercy University, Iowa