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The purpose of this page is to help those who have been laid off, or are otherwise searching for their next opportunity, to widen their networking sphere. Please understand that phone or personal networking is much more effective than simply replying to Internet postings.

Kevin Weiss, the former Director of Resource Acquisition (includes recruitment) of a major Aerospace company, used their metrics during a panel discussion that RecruiterGuy participated in. Today, his corporation averages nearly 1,000 resumes for each opening. Their recruiters screen the resumes down to 35 candidates to phone screen before bringing 8 candidates to personally interview. If you network your way into the list, typically you enter as one of the 35 candidates who receives a phone screen. Where are you most likely to be successful landing a job with Kevin's corporation - as one of 1,000 or as one of 35 who actually is able to phone screen?

Treat the Internet as ONE of your marketing tools. Many times when RecruiterGuy is doing career counseling, candidates express their frustration with the Internet search process. Understand that recruiting is (many times) the entry level position into Human Resources. Many of these people really aren't interested in recruitment as a career. They want to move on to the areas of Human Resources that they feel are more interesting such as, Benefits, Employee Relations, or Compensation. They do not realize the importance of attracting Impact Performers to drive the business forward. Therefore, they do not have the motivation to learn how to be more effective as recruiters. Please understand that I am not talking about all corporate recruiters. Several very effective corporate recruiters are friends of mine. Many times I have worked with them as a contract recruiter consultant.

There may be some sites that you were not aware that are available for your use. For instance, do you belong to a professional association? Usually, they have a way for you to either network or list your availability.

Internet posting HINTS for your resume:

  1. At the bottom of your resume, type the word "Keywords" and then type all key words that apply to all of your experience and the type of job that you seek. Look at job descriptions and ensure you have those keywords in your resume and list. This practice will help a contract recruiter consultant find you amongst all of the resumes on the Internet site. You must include those keywords in the appropriate areas in your resume. Generally the search function of an applicant tracking system will look at the number of times a key word shows up in its search and raise its confidence that this resume is the best match for the search, thus raising your resume to the top of the search.
  2. Refresh your resume Daily! Usually by editing it.

As a contract recruitment consulting firm, has used all of these sites.

LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for your job search. Don't wait to become unemployed to establish your profile on LinkedIn. Focus on inviting people with whom you worked in the past. If there are people in positions to give you a reference, ask them if they would be kind enough to write an endorsement of your skills while working with them. Contract Recruiter Consultants, like RecruiterGuy, search for potential candidates for their clients on LinkedIn. In your profile, include words that recruiters would use to search your skills. If you have presentations that you would like to share, you may upload them to LinkedIn. In general, LinkedIn is a practical tool to keep in touch with former colleagues. Facebook and MySpace are nice more social than professional ways to keep in touch. Keep your Facebook personna separate from your professional personna. Track your time working with all types of social media. If you are not vigilant, social media may become a time sink. Spend time focused on developing your LinkedIn profile. Then use maintenance time to update your profile. Remember every time you make a change in your profile, everyone in your network may see your change.

Career Builder

Career Builder is owned by the Tribune and It is easy to navigate. You may search on job postings, post your resume, and receive hints on the job search, resume writing, skill testing, etc. As a candidate, one differentiator over Monster is that you may reply to a posted position without putting your resume in the resume database. The potential downside of that practice is the contract recruiter consultant may not know you are available.

Corridor Careers

Corridor Careers is owned by the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and the Cedar Rapids Gazette. You may post your resume or search jobs in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor. As a contract recruitment consulting firm, we have used this local site and find it very friendly for this Technology Corridor.

Craigs List

Craigs List is a site that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area and is well known there. You may post your resume and search jobs on this site as well as learn more about the Bay Area. Craigslist has operations around the country. Some locations are better than others. RecruiterGuy has successfully utilized Craigslist a number of times.

Boston Job Bank

This site has been in business since 1994. The listed positions are in the Boston Metropolitan area and suburbs. Local Contract Recruiters data mine resumes from there.

Monster was the largest of all Internet posting boards. Careerbuilder is now the largest. Use the Monster search agents to look for positions that may have recently been added to their site. As a contract recruitment consulting firm, has had Monster resume search memberships many times over the years. Generally because all resumes go into the resume database a contract recruiter will find it more attractive than CareerBuilder.


Dice is the largest IT job board on the Internet. Use it to search for IT positions and software engineer positions nationwide. This is another job board that is popular among contract recruiters. It's popularity has dipped in recent firms. Hopefully they can recover their previous dominance. As a contract Recruiter Consultant, RecruiterGuy has been successful utilizing several times in the past.

6 Figure Jobs

This site is designed for executives. They qualify candidates before granting them access to the site. Obviously, these positions are going to pay above $100,000. It is easy to use. When Contract Recruiters are looking for executive level candidates, this is one of the sources they use.


AIRS is one of the best companies training professional recruiters in the effective use of the Internet as a source of candidates. As a result of their training, they are aware many sites that may not be easily available to candidates. Click on Job Boards.


Netshare has been a very good source of executive talent for and his clients. As a contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy is interested in serious candidates. Since executive candidates have to pay to place their resume in Netshare's database and use Netshare's services, they tend to be more serious than candidates who are just trolling. Therefore companies with confirmed openings tend to post good positions at no cost on their website. For the candidates' benefit, these positions are screened by staff prior to their posting - very strong program.


This job board was purchased by Yahoo! Hotjobs is an easy job board to use. You may cut and paste your resume to this site or you may conduct job posting searches. It is the third largest Internet Job Board. If you are currently employed, you may want to keep your employer from seeing your resume. You may block your employer from seeing your resume on Hotjobs. Hotjobs seems to be more effective in Silicon Valley than other parts of the nation. As a contract recruiter, we used it successfully on a contract in Santa Clara.

This website is striving to be a comprehensive career site. From a candidate perspective, there are links to different job boards, both locally and national. There are links to career advice columns. Additionally they provide recruiter resources.

First Impressions Career and Resume Service

Angie Maizlish CPRW, CEIP is located in Park City, UT and is a certified career coach. I have met Angie and feel that she is an effective career coach for candidates who need that extra coaching to be successful in their career search. She works nationally.

Argyle Consultants

I have a lot of respect for Chuck Campbell. We met through the Boston Recruiters Yahoo Group. He has worked both as a search consultant and Career Coach. He is very effective in New England. However, his advice applies nationwide. He is another career coach whose experience is valuable for someone who just needs a little extra coaching in order to find their next job.

CareerXRoads 2006 by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

CareerXRoads 2006 is a must for every job seeker's library. The book is a directory to the top 500 Job, Resume, and Career Management sites on the web. You may also click on the link above to reach the on-line version.

One unique advantage to the book and the site is the monthly e-mail updates that are free. We have been receiving them for 8 years.

Gerry and Mark research the 500+ sites and provide a short commentary on them. They also select 50 sites as the best and index thousands of additional sites. In addition to this information, articles are provided to help job seekers and recruiters alike in their quests for success. This is a valuable tool for everyone in the recruitment process. Most experienced Contract Recruiters have this book in their library.

For your convenience, you may purchase this book directly from by clicking on the link at right.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently had over 30,000 jobs posted and 2,500 articles on job hunting and careers. Definitely a site that should be bookmarked. Many positions posted are in the finance area.

MAINFRAME IT WEBSITES is a site dedicated to mainframe professionals and recruiters. There are job postings, mainframe news links, and mainframe suggested books.


Just AS400 Jobs

As the name implies, Just AS400 Jobs is a site dedicated to mid-range IT professionals and recruiters. It is a site run by Just Tech Jobs. There are AS400 job postings.


Operation IT

Operation IT is a sophisticated, yet easy to use employment center. It only focuses on jobs in the IT sector.


Nurse Week

Nurse Week is an online journal that covers topics of interest to Nursing Professionals, including education, news, job postings, and career fairs.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

Building on decades of clinical excellence, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) provides and inspires leadership to establish work and care environments that are respectful, healing and humane. The key to AACN's success is through its members. Therefore, AACN is committed to providing the highest quality resources to maximize nurses' contribution to caring and improving the healthcare of critically ill patients and their families.

This site contains Job Postings for critical care nurses nationwide.

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses website contains news, events, and job postings. They also provide links to research and topics for quality surgical patient care.

Emergency Nurses Association

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is a clearinghouse for information about emergency nursing. We round it all up, sift through it, and focus on the most practical news and techniques. There are job posting capabilities on this site.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

"Founded in 1968, the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is a national organization of 3,000 registered nurses and other health care professionals dedicated to improving the care of the neuroscience patient and to furthering the interests of health professionals in the neurosciences.

AANN's membership represents nurses and health care professionals working in diverse areas of neuroscience: multispecialty and neuroscience intensive care units; general neuroscience and combination units such as neuro/ortho, neuromuscular/rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry/ neuro-gerontology; rehabilitation units, medical-surgical units, pediatric units, emergency departments, surgery, academia and administration. Associate members may be social workers and other members of the health care team." Their Job Posting page is euphemistically called "Career Advancement Program" ("A rose by any other name...").


"Make Them Beg to Hire You" by Barbara Ling

This is a 13 chapter book that walks you through the little-known shortcuts that uncover hundreds of the targeted locations you can personally use to ferret out your dream job...and teach you how to dynamically market yourself to get your foot in the door ahead of the rest of the pack. Comprehensive and useful chapters that take you directly to free cover letter resources, resume fine-tuning examples, techniques for qualifying recruiters are only a few of the valuable resources you'll see revealed. Barbara Ling is a nationally recognized career writer.

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